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See now behold

Published February 14, 2014 by vfAith

Heavenly Father,

There are just too many distractions. Ones to make me think I’m exercising my brain better than any book can. Ones to falsely give me a sense of reward when I reach the next level. Ones that allow me to connect with people and give me an illusion of relationship building. Ones to tell me “who I am” after answering a few questions even though doesn’t even know my name.

In You Holy Spirit let my brain be exercised by memorizing Your Word. Holy One help me keep my eyes on the true reward which awaits me in heaven. Holy Savior reconcile me to people who You have called me to love and relate with. Holy Abba tell me my name and explain how am I fortifies my purpose in You.

I trust You Lord. I need You Lord. Let me live this day as unto You. Thank You Father! In Your Wondrous Name. Amen