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Published December 23, 2014 by vfAith

As people brag about the presents, remember you have God’s presence! He came to this world to be with us! Emmanuel! God is with us. What a gift!

Wonderful: Jesus is the One who makes us smile. Counselor: there is not a situation that we have that He doesn’t know how to guide us through. Mighty God: He is greater and stronger and higher than all. Everlasting Father: we have a connection with the Father that is personal and f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Prince of Peace: Jesus gives us perfect peace as our minds are stayed on Him.

We can enjoy this gift. We must give this gift. This gift is a power packed, gift that keeps on giving type of gift!


Almost Finished

Published November 18, 2014 by vfAith

I’m almost finished with the book and the 21 day fast!! The book The Shack is mind opening. Here is my take from it the first time of reading.

Jesus doesn’t want me to be like Him. He doesn’t want any of us to be like Him. He was Him and that’s the only Jesus we will need…EVER! With that truth, I have to be V Faith because I am the only one in the world! Being me to the fullest is what will bring God glory.

Jesus doesn’t want us to follow Him, not like we are fans who don’t know Him intimately. Instead He wants to lead us into a relationship with Him like the one He has with His Father and the Holy Spirit.

As I hang around Jesus, I will be like Jesus. Remember, what I am around I will become like. Yes, I will follow Jesus, for He as done many things and I want to learn from Him. Then I will look like Jesus, but so others can see Him.

My focus is my relationship with this Supreme Being. I love to live in His love. I have a purpose in my identity as a daughter of Father God.

You dear reader are the only you on this earth. You are completed through your relationship with Jesus. Get married to Jesus! It’s the only relationship in this world that will satisfy! God bless you.

Some Time

Published November 15, 2014 by vfAith

God You are so in tuned to everything. Lord You are not condemning but You are gentle and just in Your conviction. You alone God are what we are longing for. Everyday we try to figure things out without You, yet You patiently wait to just pour Your love on us as we have already been forgiven by the cross on Calvary. Lord on that cross You took on sickness, brokenness, barrenness, unrighteousness, betrayal, deception, loneliness, stress, and so much more. You were sinless and You fulfilled the law that showed us that we could never properly live this life on our own because we will always hurt the three: You, ourselves, and others. Oh but as we keep Your words and obey Your commands In our heart every moment at any given moment, we will love the three: You, ourselves, and others. Lord last night Mommy was talking about tests and the tests we have to take to mature and grow in You. Lord Your tests at not pass or fail. Your test Father God are love or hurt. Because if we do as You ask we will love. But when we don’t follow Your words, we hurt. We want to love. We choose to love. When we do hurt, Precious Savior, please open our hearts and mind to make it better. Also King, help us to follow You the first time. As we follow You, we will be showing other people You. Lord we want You to shine and be glorified because then we will be like You and the relationship Your have with the Father. As it says in John 8:54 “Jesus replied, ‘If I glorify myself, my glory means nothing. My Father, whom you claim as your God, is the one who glorifies me.'”(‭John‬ ‭8‬:‭54‬ NIV) Now Adoni, we will worship You in spirit and in truth because you are worthy of every praise we have. Even the praises we are given we give back to You because we are glorifying Your name in all things. How we love You because You love us! Wow, You are lovely! Oh, the power of Your hand. Pow, Your wisdom puts fools to shame. This is why we trust in You! And You are so sweet because in the processes You walk with us and trust with us. You lower, humble and make Yourself meek so we can get closer to You! Bam, we will thank You for all that You’ve done whither specific or in general. Thank You Lord!!! In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

up Scale

Published January 4, 2013 by vfAith

Dear Holy One,

The other day I had a bad attitude towards my parents.  Yet when I apologized about it they both made excuses for me and my behavior.  A day later I had an attitude against my mom (one I thought was justified) and she got really upset because I hurt her feelings.  After a conversation with You about the matter, I understood that I have to have a standard in You.  You tell us in Colossians 1:10 “so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God (added part by me)> make God your standard.”

When I compare myself to other people, I look good!! I look real good.  But compared to Jesus, well all fall short to the glory of God.  If I want more of You and I want to be like You, I have to use You as my bases of living.  You are showing me that I need to up scale my life to look more like Yours.  When I look to compare myself to other people, I am also judging them.  You don’t call us to judge, You call us to love.  So I need to look higher and humble myself lower.  I can do this.  It maybe hard and a whole new battlefield, but in You and with You I can do this.  And it’ll be worth it because You will see me and others will see the true You living inside of me.

God’s encouragement based off Romans 12:16

One way to be sure of your progress is by taking on any task.  And while doing that task ,worship Me in spirit and in truth.  Don’t think anything is too small to fulfill, or a task is beneath you.  Look at all I had to endure. Even before my ministry, I was a carpenter.  Yet still I choose to use a poor girl to come into this world.  Everything is noted in my eyes.  I use the foolish things to shame the wise.  So take every task on with a praise in your mouth and a worship in your heart.  Remember I love a cheerful giver!

More of You

Published November 28, 2012 by vfAith


You came,

Now we ask You to come,

Come into our worship,

Open our hearts to accept You

We call You expectly

Yet we still need You to prepare us for You

Open our hearts, minds, spirits, and souls

For when You come we want to recognize Your beauty

When You come we will be greedy and needy and want more of You

Never will we be satisfied, it is not a thing that we want

It’s You we want

So come,



Enjoy our desire for more of You

Outside of You, when we “have” to leave to live

Let us remember You

Your presence

Your power

Your love


Then let us hunger again

But for more of You as we live (so that we don’t want to leave)

as we work, as we learn, as we interact

Give us the desire to want You to meet us in every aspect of our lives

In this way we will be favored with Your presence at work

In this way we will be blessed with powerful and lasting learn experiences

In this way we will be sacrificial and loving in all interactions

This will make us different from everyone else, it’ll make us like our God


Then we can live as a testimony to You

Then others will want You

Then the want for more of You will start again

Again we will be reminded of how You came

We will again ask You to come,

Lord, Jesus! come

What color do you like

Published July 27, 2012 by vfAith

Dear Father God,

When I was younger, I remember asking my Daddy what was his favorite color.  He exclaimed it to be blue and red.  From that day on I fell in love with the color blue!  It was because he liked it that I, his daughter, loved it.

Lord, what is Your favorite color?  I want to be Your daughter and love what You like.  I want to look up to You in Your power and might, so that I can be just like You.  Every word that comes from Your mouth, I want to trust to be true and rely it to others.  The way You walk, I want to emulate it so that it becomes my own.  Show me from Your example how to greet and treat others.

Many times and in different circumstances You have told me to keep straight, while someone close to me says make a left.  And during those times I have made a left, which only led to a dead end.  Then I turn around and head back on the straight and narrow just like You said.  Well, Lord I want to eliminate that mistake of letting other’s rule over Your word.  From my best friends, to my parents, let me realize the dire importance of saying yes to You.  Father God let me also understand my yes to You does not mean no to them. Even if it does, let me be confident in saying yes and trusting You.

At every dead end Father God, You have met me with grace, mercy, and patience.  Thank You for conveying those attributes of You. Now at this beginning Sovereign Ruler, please give me strength, discipline, and perseverance as You had while You showed Your love for me through the journey to the cross. (HALLELUJAH, Your rose with victory!)

Hey Daddy, which fruit is the sweetest tasting to You?  Can I try some? 🙂


Your Love and Friend

The Original Plan

Published June 8, 2012 by vfAith

There was a man in India who stood on a rock.  From that rock, he attracted a crowd by singing familiar children songs.  He wanted, he needed the people’s attention because inside of him was a fire shut up in his bones.

He had to tell the people about another Man.  Because, that Man changed his life.  The Indian man probably looked crazy to the people around him.  Nevertheless they listened.  Nevertheless he had to attain and maintain their attention. He had to do it.

His example led me to do it.  Plus, being a kid at heart leads me to all types of adventures.  Nah, I didn’t stand on a rock.  There aren’t even an rocks in the parking lot near the supermarket around the corner and down the highway a  ways from my house.  Yet I was high enough to be visible to all.  Someone (from out of state) took a video of me in my car . . . well out of my car . . . both outside of yet in my car.  Ummm, let me explain.  I was standing on the arm rest between the driver’s and passenger’s seats with my waist and above sticking out of my sunroof like a thumbs up!  In that position, I sang like the Indian man (except I have a female voice with an American accent and only know American songs).  I waved to people and sang.  I received a compliment and was told to keep on singing; so I sang.

Why did I do it? Why did he do it?  We sang because of the other Man’s testimony.   If one person out of the people within hearing distance could hear and be changed by that Man’s testimony, then we have had a successful journey.  All of  the people just need to know that a Man named Jesus bled, died, rose again, and will one day come back to reclaim the kingdom that is already His;  so you, yes you, can live out the original plan which was to hang with God in a garden to sing His praise (or maybe to just do everything with a worship-filled heart).  The thing is you have to give your heart. For in giving your heart you will find a freedom to sing for the Man 🙂

It just makes me smile (the original plan).