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My God

Published February 8, 2014 by vfAith

Great God,

Right now, I am listening to an Orthodox Christian Russian male choir.  Next on the list is an Ethiopian Orthodox congregation.  My mind is blown because all the ends of the earth praise and worship Your name!! It is a privilege to personally know a God that big!  Thank You Jesus for choosing me to love and reveal Your  goodness to.  Oh God that You will show me how to be transparent with others about Who You are to me.

You are my God.  I life to serve You and Your people.  Father I do not want to be hindered by anyone or anything.  I want to put You first.  Lord, I need to hear Your voice more clearly!  Help me to be more confident in what I do hear You whisper into my ear.  I will not take things into my hands because when I do, it turns into rust.  But when things are in Your hands, it will turn into gold.

Once I wrote that I have to say yes to You even if it means no to someone else.  God, You are the only one who can put me in heaven or hell.  Even more than that You are the only one that can use my life purposefully and fully for Your glory; or (for self reasons) so, that I can feel satisfied with my being here on this earth.  Now I make the decision to follow You even if I have to do it in secret (where my right hand doesn’t know what my left hand is doing).

Thank You Holy One!  I will praise Your name for You are worthy!  I will live my life for You because You are Righteous and Good and Wise!