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The Pursu….chase

Published February 26, 2014 by vfAith


You have been keeping me in Proverbs 18. There it encourages me to be conscience about my words. Amongst the verses are four verses that touch on the benefits of relationships. One of those verses is the popular “the one who finds a spouse finds a good thing”. (Proverbs 18:22) On this morning on the prayer, Elder kept saying keep praying without ceasing. Pray about that thing that God has put on your heart. Then he mentioned Moses and how he interceded for the people. In Moses’ prayer to You he reminded You of Your promises. Elder said we have to know the promises of God in order to remind God and keep our hope. When Elder said that I connected it to why You have had me notice those verses in Proverbs. You want me to know that You have heard my hearts cry and the answer is on its way. Just keep on praying and be open to the possibilities.

Thank You Jesus for hearing me and answering me. I love You!


Mama said (and a whole bunch of other people too)

Published February 12, 2014 by vfAith

Great Savior,

There are many songs to remind people that this life is not easy. There are also verses in the bible like James 1:2-3 that tell us trials will come and when they do we need to be happy because we know two things: 1 it’s building our character, and 2 we have the victory at the end anyways.

Today, I can count 5 trials from the time I woke up to about an hour or so ago. Not just little things either. Each one got me either in tears, close to tears, frustrated, or hurt/mad. A common denominator of each situation was “I praise You Father!” were the words flowing out of my mouth. It’s amazing to know that I could still bless Your Holy name through it all.

Thank You for that Jesus. I can’t wait to see Your hand and strong arm that’s mighty to save rescue me out of these predicaments. ūüôā

Love ya,


My God

Published February 8, 2014 by vfAith

Great God,

Right now, I am listening to an Orthodox Christian Russian male choir.  Next on the list is an Ethiopian Orthodox congregation.  My mind is blown because all the ends of the earth praise and worship Your name!! It is a privilege to personally know a God that big!  Thank You Jesus for choosing me to love and reveal Your  goodness to.  Oh God that You will show me how to be transparent with others about Who You are to me.

You are my God.  I life to serve You and Your people.  Father I do not want to be hindered by anyone or anything.  I want to put You first.  Lord, I need to hear Your voice more clearly!  Help me to be more confident in what I do hear You whisper into my ear.  I will not take things into my hands because when I do, it turns into rust.  But when things are in Your hands, it will turn into gold.

Once I wrote that I have to say yes to You even if it means no to someone else.¬† God, You are the only one who can put me in heaven or hell.¬† Even more than that You are the only one that can use my life purposefully and fully for Your glory; or (for self reasons) so, that I can feel satisfied with my being here on this earth.¬† Now I make the decision to follow You even if I have to do it in secret (where my right hand doesn’t know what my left hand is doing).

Thank You Holy One!  I will praise Your name for You are worthy!  I will live my life for You because You are Righteous and Good and Wise!




Published January 29, 2014 by vfAith

My God,

You are just great at revealing Your love for me!

Today I enjoyed music. I danced to the silent words of Your scripture in my heart. I jumped and twirled. Repeatedly I fell…in love with You. Not a melody was playing but my feet gracefully carried me across my living room floor. Not a instrument was plucked, strummed, hit, whistled into, banged or touched, and yet how my body moved. I know You were there with me. Not to watch the performance but to play the song. Thank You four being a masterful artist.

Every song I experienced thereafter, put a smile on my face. All throughout the day I was surrounded by music. But not one song had me dancing like the one You devoted to me this morning.

I love You too,


Say What

Published November 19, 2013 by vfAith

Why are your eyes cast down as I walk past

And it seems you hand is covering you mouth as you try to softly scream “Here she comes” so that I can’t hear your words that are clear

What was that you said? No it’s not just in my head

I know how to figure out the way you are mixing and turning the pot about

The snickers and jeers that happen when I come near are about me

Sometimes my intellect may surmise and scrutinize a situation

Which is easy to do when everyone is talking underwater instead of stepping up and speaking to the nation


Hey, it’s ok.

I don’t need you to say or not say words to be nice to me

My strength, passion, and song come from the Lord Who is with me all along

He says what I need to hear to make these foggy times all clear

It’s not that what you say doesn’t matter, just a tip: it hurts even when you are silently battered

Oh but I¬† know God is watching, listening, and speaking, I’ll keep my day job and keep submitting

One day I will be way up and higher then you, and trust I will have some words for you too

I’m practicing my speech now “Thank you God. And I thank you, haters for teaching me how to praise my way through.”



sooo ummm….. THANK YOU

Published July 25, 2012 by vfAith

i want to go but it’s not time for me to go yet. i want to have it but it’s not time yet. i want to experience but it’s not time yet. i think i am ready but it’s not time yet.

Lord, I need a LOT of patience.  Help me to be grateful for where I have gone. Help me to be grateful for what i do have.  Help me to be grateful for what I have experienced. Help me to prepare for the things that are ready for me.

In this way, I will be able to enjoy the places, things, and experiences You have granted to me. ¬†If I cannot be grateful for what I have now all my life, then I will be in this pattern of looking for the next thing instead of enjoy all of the benefits of these here and now things. ¬†I am learning through this God that life is not just about new things, or even me maturing but life includes letting the things that I have now mature. ¬†Instead of getting bored or no longer enjoying the things I have, I should repeat the task as if it is the first time. ¬†For otherwise, I am just taking advantage of that which has so much more to offer me. I would be taking advantage of it ¬†because I’m not giving to it my all and I’m stopping whatever all it has to give to me. ¬†As a forever student, I have to allow for an old lesson to teach me something new even if I can’t see it maybe I should seek it.

BTW Father God, I want to thank You for protecting me and leading me closer to You no matter who or what is trying to keep me from living a fearless and faithful life in Christ! You are over the top awesome in how You love me. ¬†I am grateful that in Psalms 91 and Jer. 29:11 and Job 8:21 and Phil. 4:4-9 and James 1 and the rest of the Bible that I believe in are “alive and active and sharper than a double edged sword.” ¬†(Hebrews 4: 12)

I love you Jesus!


Love and Friend

Worth It

Published May 25, 2012 by vfAith

Dear Father,

Today I was over the top ubber tired.  I just wanted to sleep all day.  However, I have the wonderful responsibility of taking care of Gusto.

This morning You told me to not take my morning nap but to take care of Gusto. I didn’t listen. ¬†Then you told me to walk Gusto and say hi to my neighbor later on. ¬†I didn’t listen. By the time I was ready to walk Gusto, it was pouring rain!! I tried to walk him anyway and he looked at me and led me back to the house. ¬†He was saying “I’m not pooing in this weather.” ¬†The second I dried off Gusto, it was no longer raining. ¬†Lord you knew I was so tired. ¬†I just went to sleep. ¬†When I woke up an hour and a half later. ¬†Gusto and I went for a dry walk/run. ¬†It was spectacular.

Later in the evening, I didn’t want to go out to pick up dinner. You and mommy¬†prompted¬†me so I went. ¬†Once there I asked the server for a strawberry molt. ¬†He gave it to me saying “We don’t have to let them know about that!” ¬†Lord I am glad I listened to You that time I received a free, FREE! molted shake! What in this world is free? ¬†Well with Your favor everything.

Thank You Dear!  You taught me that following You is always the better of the choices, haha


Your Love and Friend