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Published November 20, 2014 by vfAith

Ah, the thought of things for which I am thankful.
It brings me joy when I ponder on thing fateful.

The people, places and situations that I encounter everyday.
Like the crossing guard on the corner who sends a smile my way.

Ooo, I must mention my love for my family.
For my health, for my friends and little pieces of life that fit in harmony.

Relationships are what makes me most grateful.
Thank You God for my life which is most peaceful.


My My ME

Published May 12, 2014 by vfAith


I see you

You see me seeing you

You are not appalled by me

I need to be bold and say something

I need to say something to you

You will see me differently

You and I no more pantomime

I talk to you



Dear Heavenly Father,

Please continue to be my guide and king!  I love you so much.  I ask that you take my doubts and fears when it comes to talking to someone I am attracted to and exchange them with hopes and  confidence.  I appreciate You listening.



Tied souls

Published May 3, 2014 by vfAith

It makes sense
Complete and full sense
…that I have been having a hard time moving on
In reality you did too

No, I’m not in love with you
But I do love you

For each other we may not be right
But we have made our souls tight
We spent time together
Go upset yet still leaned on each other

Like magnets we attracted
No matter how much time came between us our connection just got stronger
But I have to cut this cord.
This way I can move on to the next song and learn a new verse

It makes sense when they say you will never forget your first love
For I did love you but…we are not in love

In Time

Published March 4, 2014 by vfAith

In time
It will make sense
He will come
They will get it
Love will reign
Glory will shine

In God’s perfect time
We are tested now
They are tried now
He is over there now
Love fights fear now
Glory is eclipsed now

Is in God’s hands
Is on our side
Is spent quickly
Is always moving
Is ours if we choose wisely

Just between us

Published February 11, 2014 by vfAith

Just between us

I like what we got

It’s rare because there is no one like either of us

You have other relationships

I have other relationships

But none of those are like the one that we have

Just between us

My relationship with You shapes my other relationships

I hope I help Your relationships with others form too

What we have is not easy to explain

How easy is it to explain the formation of flowers

They simply grow

Just between us

We grow into each other

One can’t readily distinguish one from the other

Because just between us we are one vast sea

God be glorified

Published February 6, 2014 by vfAith

God be glorified

On my life I ask You to sit
Rest your head on my heart
Then I will hear Your thoughts

In my hand, trust Your hand there
Comfortable and intertwined
Know that I will trust Your guidance

About my waist hold me up withYour strong arm
Steady I will stand
I will be a great woman next to You the Greatest Man

Out of my mouth let the silent words breathe fire
Powerful and life impacting words
I’m just copying and pasting the words You said

Say What

Published November 19, 2013 by vfAith

Why are your eyes cast down as I walk past

And it seems you hand is covering you mouth as you try to softly scream “Here she comes” so that I can’t hear your words that are clear

What was that you said? No it’s not just in my head

I know how to figure out the way you are mixing and turning the pot about

The snickers and jeers that happen when I come near are about me

Sometimes my intellect may surmise and scrutinize a situation

Which is easy to do when everyone is talking underwater instead of stepping up and speaking to the nation


Hey, it’s ok.

I don’t need you to say or not say words to be nice to me

My strength, passion, and song come from the Lord Who is with me all along

He says what I need to hear to make these foggy times all clear

It’s not that what you say doesn’t matter, just a tip: it hurts even when you are silently battered

Oh but I  know God is watching, listening, and speaking, I’ll keep my day job and keep submitting

One day I will be way up and higher then you, and trust I will have some words for you too

I’m practicing my speech now “Thank you God. And I thank you, haters for teaching me how to praise my way through.”