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Some Time

Published November 15, 2014 by vfAith

God You are so in tuned to everything. Lord You are not condemning but You are gentle and just in Your conviction. You alone God are what we are longing for. Everyday we try to figure things out without You, yet You patiently wait to just pour Your love on us as we have already been forgiven by the cross on Calvary. Lord on that cross You took on sickness, brokenness, barrenness, unrighteousness, betrayal, deception, loneliness, stress, and so much more. You were sinless and You fulfilled the law that showed us that we could never properly live this life on our own because we will always hurt the three: You, ourselves, and others. Oh but as we keep Your words and obey Your commands In our heart every moment at any given moment, we will love the three: You, ourselves, and others. Lord last night Mommy was talking about tests and the tests we have to take to mature and grow in You. Lord Your tests at not pass or fail. Your test Father God are love or hurt. Because if we do as You ask we will love. But when we don’t follow Your words, we hurt. We want to love. We choose to love. When we do hurt, Precious Savior, please open our hearts and mind to make it better. Also King, help us to follow You the first time. As we follow You, we will be showing other people You. Lord we want You to shine and be glorified because then we will be like You and the relationship Your have with the Father. As it says in John 8:54 “Jesus replied, ‘If I glorify myself, my glory means nothing. My Father, whom you claim as your God, is the one who glorifies me.'”(‭John‬ ‭8‬:‭54‬ NIV) Now Adoni, we will worship You in spirit and in truth because you are worthy of every praise we have. Even the praises we are given we give back to You because we are glorifying Your name in all things. How we love You because You love us! Wow, You are lovely! Oh, the power of Your hand. Pow, Your wisdom puts fools to shame. This is why we trust in You! And You are so sweet because in the processes You walk with us and trust with us. You lower, humble and make Yourself meek so we can get closer to You! Bam, we will thank You for all that You’ve done whither specific or in general. Thank You Lord!!! In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


My My ME

Published May 12, 2014 by vfAith


I see you

You see me seeing you

You are not appalled by me

I need to be bold and say something

I need to say something to you

You will see me differently

You and I no more pantomime

I talk to you



Dear Heavenly Father,

Please continue to be my guide and king!  I love you so much.  I ask that you take my doubts and fears when it comes to talking to someone I am attracted to and exchange them with hopes and  confidence.  I appreciate You listening.



See now behold

Published February 14, 2014 by vfAith

Heavenly Father,

There are just too many distractions. Ones to make me think I’m exercising my brain better than any book can. Ones to falsely give me a sense of reward when I reach the next level. Ones that allow me to connect with people and give me an illusion of relationship building. Ones to tell me “who I am” after answering a few questions even though doesn’t even know my name.

In You Holy Spirit let my brain be exercised by memorizing Your Word. Holy One help me keep my eyes on the true reward which awaits me in heaven. Holy Savior reconcile me to people who You have called me to love and relate with. Holy Abba tell me my name and explain how am I fortifies my purpose in You.

I trust You Lord. I need You Lord. Let me live this day as unto You. Thank You Father! In Your Wondrous Name. Amen

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Published January 31, 2014 by vfAith

Oh Elohim,

Where is my Creator God? My God Who Sees? Where is my set apart and holy God? My Mighty and powerful God. I trust You are all these things and more. Yet where are You?

It is a winter that is cold. I personally have had to wear three layers of clothes! Thank You for providing those clothes for me! But there are people who have only one layer of clothes in this weather. Lord please hear and let me be an answer to my prayer!

Father, I Your daughter, have been blessed to wake up hot throwing covers off because I am burning up! Thank You for covering me in more ways than one. Daddy, many people made in Your image, have not a steady place to rest their head. Adonai, You of not just my personal Jesus but also Savior for those unfortunate and weak, cold and homeless. Lord please hear and let me be an answer to my prayer!

Holy Spirit, if I am too cold, I have the option of getting a hot drink from Dunkin Donuts. Sometimes I am privileged to pay for the drinks of my bosses. Thanks for caring for my every need. Yet, oh God, there are people who do not know where or when their next meal is coming let alone if it is going to be hot or cold. Lord please hear and let me be an answer to my prayer!

I praise you God of the Heavenly Host because You are one to bring heaven to earth. You are one who will make a way for those who have no way. You are one who will provide, cover and care for these people. Lord, I believe the reason you have us Your children say “Our Father who are in heaven, hallowed it be thy name, Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” is because You want to use us to usher in today and each day of our lives the kingdom of heaven; and Your will You want to be done without a hesitation. Lord I end every prayer with, Amen or Let it be so.

Let it be so that You kingdom of love, grace, and truth rule in my life. Let it be so that You will of goodness, kindness, and self-control guide my life. Let is be so that the the fruits of the spirit grow in the lives of people I minister it in Jesus name. Let it be so that I am Your hands and feet giving and going to spread the gospel of Christ, not through pamphlets but though deeds of love. Let it be so that I am a fellow burden carrier like Issachar.

God You are all that! You have been my everything. Thank You for laying on my heart those who are homeless. Next lay on my mind a plan and lay on my body the actions. I want to give You all the glory. Please provide the platform.

I love You!

More of You

Published November 28, 2012 by vfAith


You came,

Now we ask You to come,

Come into our worship,

Open our hearts to accept You

We call You expectly

Yet we still need You to prepare us for You

Open our hearts, minds, spirits, and souls

For when You come we want to recognize Your beauty

When You come we will be greedy and needy and want more of You

Never will we be satisfied, it is not a thing that we want

It’s You we want

So come,



Enjoy our desire for more of You

Outside of You, when we “have” to leave to live

Let us remember You

Your presence

Your power

Your love


Then let us hunger again

But for more of You as we live (so that we don’t want to leave)

as we work, as we learn, as we interact

Give us the desire to want You to meet us in every aspect of our lives

In this way we will be favored with Your presence at work

In this way we will be blessed with powerful and lasting learn experiences

In this way we will be sacrificial and loving in all interactions

This will make us different from everyone else, it’ll make us like our God


Then we can live as a testimony to You

Then others will want You

Then the want for more of You will start again

Again we will be reminded of how You came

We will again ask You to come,

Lord, Jesus! come

in the way

Published November 20, 2012 by vfAith

Dear God of All Creation,

Question: Can you let me in on Your plan for my life?  I am living it in part, but God I want to live it in whole now.  Or would you rather me live in faith and continue to know and be grateful for everything I have?  I don’t think I am asking for more (well maybe I am because the thing a person says they are not doing is usually the thing they are doing).  OK, God help me to be content and grateful for all that You give me each and every day.  Help me to see Your love more clearly so I can give love more definitely and freely.  But there is one thing that I desire more of and it’s You. Just like David.  Give me the desire to desire more of You and the plan to seek You out.  This is a lifetime plan; however, I know  that more of You and less of me will help me to live in this present life. Living in this present life will help me be more content that I am in Your will even now.

I love You.  Thanks for listening.


My Hand is Up

Published August 22, 2012 by vfAith

Dear Lord,

I have been waiting for the realization of how and when You would use me.  You have used me my whole life in different situations and such.  But God I want You to show me how You are using me, so that I can praise You for it and give You the glory!

Holy God, I have a friend who has been through a lot with me.  She has been hurt by me many times.  But each time I hurt her, she was honest with me, and You where sharpening me and making me more like You through it all.  Now Lord it seems that she is the one who needs reshaping and sharpening. So God, I am raising my hand and asking You to use me as a tool to help her.  The one being sharpened doesn’t always realize what is happening, doesn’t understand the pain, doesn’t want to accept the change, and doesn’t like the unfamiliar territory.  She doesn’t see as You have shown me that she is being reshaped.  Because she doesn’t see it, she lashes out at me because of the pain and frustrations that is caused.

Father, I forgive her for the hurt that I feel because she is lashing out on me.  I forgive her for the frustration because she doesn’t see like I see.  I forgive her for the harshness because I put her through the same thing for years.  I forgive her for the resistance because I love her dearly.  I forgive her for the rebellion because she helped me to come to this place of peace in You.  I forgive her ungodliness because You are reshaping and sharpening me too!

Heavenly Hosts, guide her into the arms of the Savior.  Savior, my hand is up; please call on me and use me until she is sharpened like a double edged sword.

Thank You God and I glorify Your name.


Your Love and Friend