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See now behold

Published February 14, 2014 by vfAith

Heavenly Father,

There are just too many distractions. Ones to make me think I’m exercising my brain better than any book can. Ones to falsely give me a sense of reward when I reach the next level. Ones that allow me to connect with people and give me an illusion of relationship building. Ones to tell me “who I am” after answering a few questions even though doesn’t even know my name.

In You Holy Spirit let my brain be exercised by memorizing Your Word. Holy One help me keep my eyes on the true reward which awaits me in heaven. Holy Savior reconcile me to people who You have called me to love and relate with. Holy Abba tell me my name and explain how am I fortifies my purpose in You.

I trust You Lord. I need You Lord. Let me live this day as unto You. Thank You Father! In Your Wondrous Name. Amen



Published March 5, 2013 by vfAith

I am waiting on  hopeless hope, I need to be waiting on God.

I am riding to an unreachable distance, I need to be riding toward God.

I am expecting an unseen miracle, I need to be expecting God.

I am wanting a blurry dream, I need to be wanting God.

I am giving to a taker, I need to be giving to God.

God is my hope, I am waiting on God.

Holiness is my road, I am riding toward God.

Love is my miracle, I am expecting God.

Heaven is my clear dream, I am wanting God.

My neighbor is my recipient, I am giving to God.

Be Me 7×77

Published October 10, 2012 by vfAith

Like Erykah Badu, Lord I am petrified.   She was scared to walk down the street naked, but she did. She walked the earth as You intended for us to be, before the fall.  She was vulnerable.  There was no one there to meet her.  She did it for her.  Because after she died, you see her again evolved.  Still naked. Yet covered.  But smiling and no longer ashamed.  I am petrified to take off the layers and be me.

Only one person can love me like You do Lord!  And that’s me.  Not the boyfriend, car, friends, jobs, clothes, money, shoes, house, dog, parents, family and not anything that it seems that everybody else has to make them happy because it is not me.

I am dance, song, love, silly, intelligent, compassionate, friend, helper, encouraging, understanding, dependable, strong, persevering, patient, peace, kind, caring, smiling, grateful, giving, an only child, sweet, sexy, athletic, run, jump, skip, hop, thrills, cook, fashion…my fashion, student, achieve, power, change, intimate, interpersonal, intrapersonal, listen, talk, reflect, God’s daughter, friend, rare, spacey, talk to myself, deep with / in with God, teacher, great, laugh, grow, touch, kiss, hug, spirit, from God’s kingdom, comfortable, visual, auditory, warrior, cheerleader, excited, energetic, enthusiastic, extra, sensitive, complete, imperfectly perfect, hope, a different view point, faith, tease, flirty, true, desirable, faithful, sleep, alert, rest, positive, not if but when, getting my blessings, blue/purple/green, dependent (I need you), and  I am Vaniah Faith Cunningham.

Dear Father,Today

Published September 9, 2012 by vfAith

Dear Father,

Today I was over the top ubber tired.  I just wanted to sleep all day.  However, I have the wonderful responsibility of taking care of Gusto.

This morning You told me to not take my morning nap but to take care of Gusto. I didn’t listen.  Then you told me to walk Gusto and say hi to my neighbor later on.  I didn’t listen. By the time I was ready to walk Gusto, it was pouring rain!! I tried to walk him anyway and he looked at me and led me back to the house.  He was saying “I’m not pooing in this weather.”  The second I dried off Gusto, it was no longer raining.  Lord you knew I was to tired.  I just went to sleep.  When I woke up an hour and a half later.  Gusto and I went for a dry walk/run.  It was spectacular.

Later in the evening, I didn’t want to go out to pick up dinner. You and mommy prompted me so I went.  Once there I asked the server for a strawberry molt.  He gave it to me saying “We don’t have to let them know about that!”  Lord I am glad I listened to You that time I received a free, FREE! molted shake! What in this world is free?  Well with Your favor everything.

Thank You Dear!  You taught me that following You is always the better of the choices, haha


Your Love and Friend

It’s Hot In the Kitchen

Published August 24, 2012 by vfAith

Dear Lord,

Coming back from vacation, where I did not have to cook much at all, sweat oozed from all parts of my body back at work.  I asked if anyone was hot while  we were standing, rolling silverware in the steamy kitchen, and got a few agreements.  Well one person responded by teaching me how to say “I am horny” in Spanish because the words are about the same as “I am hot”.

She told me to say the words to some Spanish boys, who would laugh at me and not take me serious. So I did and they looked at me strange.  Then she said it and added some sexiness to it and they said “Now that I’ll take”.  Then it became my goal to try to be sexy.

Well God, please forgive me!  I was not bringing glory to Your name in any way during that time period.  I was trying to win the approval of man according to their standards.  I am not a part of this kingdom so it didn’t and will never work.  I am a part of Your kingdom.

I am sexy, but that is not for my co-workers to see. The person and time will come where I can be all kinds of sexy.  But now I should be all kinds of lovely.  Proverbs 31:30 says “Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”  I want the approval of You, oh God.  Please help me to keep my wandering heart on track to finding You in all things.  If You are not there, let me long to be where You are because the happiness of the wicked only lasts for a minute (Job 20:5).  God I would like that lifetime joy of pleasing You.

I repent of all the words and thoughts that were entertained tonight that were not of You. I desire to be holy as You are holy.  Thank You for Your unconditional love and for being full of grace.  I love You too.


Your Love and Friend