Patience is a Tool

Published February 8, 2015 by vfAith

7-15-14 6:30 am
Patience is a tool to bridge the gap between God’s purpose and our desires James 1:2-4. God wants us wanting nothing (also found in Psalms 23)
Seeking has much to do with patience
God’s word of greater is still true. But we have to be patient bc He wants us complete lacking nothing.
As Pastor Leo preached, why do I have to go through this, “oh because if I told you what I had for you, you would not comprehend.” So continue to seek God’s face for the mission, the vision as you have made it plain. Because you endured and kept your eyes seeking even while in the pit, you will better appreciate the palace. God’s ways are not our ways neither His thoughts our thoughts but we are told to seek The Lord while He may be found and call on Him while He is near. What are we seeking? His ways and thoughts because they will not return to Him void. Instead they will have us going out in joy and being lead forth by peace! (Isaiah 55) That is my palace. That is my greater!!


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