The Key is Inside

Published November 7, 2014 by vfAith

Here it is day 5 of the fast. I have to report of day 4’s events.

I had a craving for a Smoothie King smoothie. I know they are acceptable because they are healthy made from real fruit with high protein all good stuff. (Or I made them acceptable.) Anyhow, God was telling me to not go there but I wanted to go. After talking to my parents, they wanted some as well. So I was about to spend a good $35 in this place.

On my way over, I had a conversation with my mom. Sometimes I just want to get off the phone for a second because I need to gather my thoughts to fulfill the tasks at hand especially when I’m sleepy or even more so HUNGRY. So we finally hung up. I got out of the car with only two things: my money and my phone. Closed the door. Realized I don’t have my key. Went back to the car to find it locked.

I praised my Savior that my cell was in my hand. Called my parents back. Got the number for AAA. Went inside and ordered my smoothies. I had to stay in that place for 45 mins like a weirdo waiting for AAA.

Here was my inside key. While I was waiting I was texting Tati. It was refreshing to talk to her about some nonsense while I felt embarrassed as I stood there waiting for car service. I called my bestie, Janelle at her job, and let her know the situation. She was there for me and told me to text her when I was ok. As soon as I started my car, Nelly called me asking me if I was in my car yet because she was about to get off the job. I told her I just started the car and thanked her greatly for calling back to check on me.

For me in these moments their support and care was soo huge. So then I asked Tati if she was still coming over and she said she was contemplating it. Here is when my fight had to come. The stronghold of insignificance said “see your not important to her”. I stopped that and said “but is that what she said? No she said she was contemplating her coming. If I were not important she would even be contemplating it.” We had this little argument a few times over until the thoughts that would have made me feel small and sever our relationship went away.

Besides she was there with me when I needed her most. Through her God was loving on me in a cool way. I am important. God is glorious. He calls me beloved and means it too. I can fight the good fight and I am because the key is inside, for greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

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