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This gift: today

Published September 4, 2014 by vfAith

Good morning,
God, You kept me alive for this day! Wow! Thank You. You are gracious and kind. I can only praise Your name for this goodness You have bestowed. Yet in the same token, it must mean I have something to give or something to receive on this day. Lord I want to give Your love and receive the same. Father, today could be all that I have. You could be preparing for me to meet You sometime this day. I must live fully because YOLO. I must stop my flesh and no even so I must kill my flesh! Can You help me? It might be painful. But my eyes are on the Resurrected One. Yes Jesus, You died and rose again! Lord. Jesus. I am sure that hurt. So if my flesh must die then let it because I know I will rise in Christ with Christ. Let my sacrifice cost me something so it may be why You kept me living for this day. Thank You. 😌