Mama said (and a whole bunch of other people too)

Published February 12, 2014 by vfAith

Great Savior,

There are many songs to remind people that this life is not easy. There are also verses in the bible like James 1:2-3 that tell us trials will come and when they do we need to be happy because we know two things: 1 it’s building our character, and 2 we have the victory at the end anyways.

Today, I can count 5 trials from the time I woke up to about an hour or so ago. Not just little things either. Each one got me either in tears, close to tears, frustrated, or hurt/mad. A common denominator of each situation was “I praise You Father!” were the words flowing out of my mouth. It’s amazing to know that I could still bless Your Holy name through it all.

Thank You for that Jesus. I can’t wait to see Your hand and strong arm that’s mighty to save rescue me out of these predicaments. 🙂

Love ya,



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