Published February 10, 2014 by vfAith


This is the year of D.I.D. (do it differently). In church today I didn’t write my notes. For some reason my pastors words and my words were not connecting. So I pulled out a piece of paper (an old Dunkin Donuts receipt) and I drew. This way I took what He was saying and visualized it.

Just so you can understand, Pastor was talking about Jonah. How he was rebellious! Yet God was with him through it all. More than just with him, God was orchestrating every move. Jonah thought he was running away from the assignment and the will of God. Oh, but even used his harden heart to reveal His glory and goodness to more people than originally intended! It happened in a horrific way because when Jonah (or any child of God) was out of God’s will, things will get chaotic. But in God’s will peace will reign. We must get in God’s will because there is an assignment with our name on it.


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