There Is No App For That

Published February 4, 2014 by vfAith

Distractions are costly

Morning Story and Dilbert

There was a new commercial on television the other day doing its best to sell the newest smart phone on the market. It made it sound like you could solve all of your problems if you just bought this device with its countless functions and applications. After it was over I looked down at my simple flip phone that I used mainly as a pocket watch and sometimes to call my daughter. Then I smiled and slipped it back in my pocket. I didn’t want that fancy new phone. I knew there were no apps for the things that were truly important in my life.

Apps can’t give you a child’s love. They can’t give you a dog’s loyalty. They can’t give you God’s grace. Apps can’t give you a hug. They can’t share a smile. They can’t kiss your cheek. Apps can’t hold your hand. They can’t share your…

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