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The Pursu….chase

Published February 26, 2014 by vfAith


You have been keeping me in Proverbs 18. There it encourages me to be conscience about my words. Amongst the verses are four verses that touch on the benefits of relationships. One of those verses is the popular “the one who finds a spouse finds a good thing”. (Proverbs 18:22) On this morning on the prayer, Elder kept saying keep praying without ceasing. Pray about that thing that God has put on your heart. Then he mentioned Moses and how he interceded for the people. In Moses’ prayer to You he reminded You of Your promises. Elder said we have to know the promises of God in order to remind God and keep our hope. When Elder said that I connected it to why You have had me notice those verses in Proverbs. You want me to know that You have heard my hearts cry and the answer is on its way. Just keep on praying and be open to the possibilities.

Thank You Jesus for hearing me and answering me. I love You!


See now behold

Published February 14, 2014 by vfAith

Heavenly Father,

There are just too many distractions. Ones to make me think I’m exercising my brain better than any book can. Ones to falsely give me a sense of reward when I reach the next level. Ones that allow me to connect with people and give me an illusion of relationship building. Ones to tell me “who I am” after answering a few questions even though doesn’t even know my name.

In You Holy Spirit let my brain be exercised by memorizing Your Word. Holy One help me keep my eyes on the true reward which awaits me in heaven. Holy Savior reconcile me to people who You have called me to love and relate with. Holy Abba tell me my name and explain how am I fortifies my purpose in You.

I trust You Lord. I need You Lord. Let me live this day as unto You. Thank You Father! In Your Wondrous Name. Amen

Mama said (and a whole bunch of other people too)

Published February 12, 2014 by vfAith

Great Savior,

There are many songs to remind people that this life is not easy. There are also verses in the bible like James 1:2-3 that tell us trials will come and when they do we need to be happy because we know two things: 1 it’s building our character, and 2 we have the victory at the end anyways.

Today, I can count 5 trials from the time I woke up to about an hour or so ago. Not just little things either. Each one got me either in tears, close to tears, frustrated, or hurt/mad. A common denominator of each situation was “I praise You Father!” were the words flowing out of my mouth. It’s amazing to know that I could still bless Your Holy name through it all.

Thank You for that Jesus. I can’t wait to see Your hand and strong arm that’s mighty to save rescue me out of these predicaments. 🙂

Love ya,


Just between us

Published February 11, 2014 by vfAith

Just between us

I like what we got

It’s rare because there is no one like either of us

You have other relationships

I have other relationships

But none of those are like the one that we have

Just between us

My relationship with You shapes my other relationships

I hope I help Your relationships with others form too

What we have is not easy to explain

How easy is it to explain the formation of flowers

They simply grow

Just between us

We grow into each other

One can’t readily distinguish one from the other

Because just between us we are one vast sea


Published February 10, 2014 by vfAith


This is the year of D.I.D. (do it differently). In church today I didn’t write my notes. For some reason my pastors words and my words were not connecting. So I pulled out a piece of paper (an old Dunkin Donuts receipt) and I drew. This way I took what He was saying and visualized it.

Just so you can understand, Pastor was talking about Jonah. How he was rebellious! Yet God was with him through it all. More than just with him, God was orchestrating every move. Jonah thought he was running away from the assignment and the will of God. Oh, but even used his harden heart to reveal His glory and goodness to more people than originally intended! It happened in a horrific way because when Jonah (or any child of God) was out of God’s will, things will get chaotic. But in God’s will peace will reign. We must get in God’s will because there is an assignment with our name on it.

My God

Published February 8, 2014 by vfAith

Great God,

Right now, I am listening to an Orthodox Christian Russian male choir.  Next on the list is an Ethiopian Orthodox congregation.  My mind is blown because all the ends of the earth praise and worship Your name!! It is a privilege to personally know a God that big!  Thank You Jesus for choosing me to love and reveal Your  goodness to.  Oh God that You will show me how to be transparent with others about Who You are to me.

You are my God.  I life to serve You and Your people.  Father I do not want to be hindered by anyone or anything.  I want to put You first.  Lord, I need to hear Your voice more clearly!  Help me to be more confident in what I do hear You whisper into my ear.  I will not take things into my hands because when I do, it turns into rust.  But when things are in Your hands, it will turn into gold.

Once I wrote that I have to say yes to You even if it means no to someone else.  God, You are the only one who can put me in heaven or hell.  Even more than that You are the only one that can use my life purposefully and fully for Your glory; or (for self reasons) so, that I can feel satisfied with my being here on this earth.  Now I make the decision to follow You even if I have to do it in secret (where my right hand doesn’t know what my left hand is doing).

Thank You Holy One!  I will praise Your name for You are worthy!  I will live my life for You because You are Righteous and Good and Wise!



God be glorified

Published February 6, 2014 by vfAith

God be glorified

On my life I ask You to sit
Rest your head on my heart
Then I will hear Your thoughts

In my hand, trust Your hand there
Comfortable and intertwined
Know that I will trust Your guidance

About my waist hold me up withYour strong arm
Steady I will stand
I will be a great woman next to You the Greatest Man

Out of my mouth let the silent words breathe fire
Powerful and life impacting words
I’m just copying and pasting the words You said