Published January 30, 2014 by vfAith

Adonai (My Personal God),

Yesterday me and my mother talked about plans.  I introduced her to my growing passion for dance and how I am pursuing it.  She flipped the script and told me the plans she has for me pertaining to my dance.  It crushed me that she didn’t support my plans.  But I smiled and accepted her plans has they were an extension from a time in her life that she enjoyed.

After hearing her and reevaluating my ideas, I stopped to think:  “God what are Your plans?”  You are the One that I am living for what would You like for me to do.  I was meaning for that particular situation but You thought bigger.  Last night, I wasn’t ready to hear what You had to say but I was ready to hear from You which prepared my heart.

This morning on the Wake Up Pray Call that my Pastor hosts every Monday-Friday morning from 5:45-6:15, I heard my answer.  Usually I have my alarm on to wake me up then fall back asleep, but You woke me up again and had me call! So I did.  Well Your plan is to change my prayer life, my mind, my heart, and my actions!  You want, no You need for me to think of others!  Your plan is for me to wholeheartedly love my neighbor through giving a sandwich and fruit with water to a homeless person, through tutoring the youth who want to go to college but need a little extra help, through going to a nursing home and spreading smiles, through planting seeds of peace, love, and freedom in a juvenile detention center, through going into hospitals to encourage hurting people that this is not all life is about, and through simply being a “God girl” (song by Jamie Grace).  [If you, reader, are up during that time I encourage you to call the number and be blessed by my God who is using my pastor to raise a people of power to fulfill the get commission of Christ.  The number is 267-507-0240 code 705-257. Seriously, wake up and hear God!]

Thank you Jesus!  I love you Lord!


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