Coloring My Memory

Published December 2, 2013 by vfAith

Life takes so many turns. Most of those turns are because of people. Sometimes they invite me in. Other times they turn me away.  It also goes the other way around. It’s weird. Painful, not just at times but every time. At the end it’s for the best. But in the beginning, it’s unexpected. During the turn it’s a fun yet depressing mixture. All the more every turn has a lesson. That lesson I will remember. Every turn has a color or a memory to add to my bucket. I’ll take it and keep going. I know that in God’s perfect timing, I will be the memory that keeps him coming back until he realizes he need to have me by his side in order to live or survive.

Lord, you know where and who my mate is.  Protect him.  Keep his eyes focused on You. Guide him to Your loving kindness day in and day out. Teach him how to love others in a way that is unique to him. Humble his heart so he can hear You clearly. Let him go out in joy and be lead forth by peace.

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