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Say What

Published November 19, 2013 by vfAith

Why are your eyes cast down as I walk past

And it seems you hand is covering you mouth as you try to softly scream “Here she comes” so that I can’t hear your words that are clear

What was that you said? No it’s not just in my head

I know how to figure out the way you are mixing and turning the pot about

The snickers and jeers that happen when I come near are about me

Sometimes my intellect may surmise and scrutinize a situation

Which is easy to do when everyone is talking underwater instead of stepping up and speaking to the nation


Hey, it’s ok.

I don’t need you to say or not say words to be nice to me

My strength, passion, and song come from the Lord Who is with me all along

He says what I need to hear to make these foggy times all clear

It’s not that what you say doesn’t matter, just a tip: it hurts even when you are silently battered

Oh but I  know God is watching, listening, and speaking, I’ll keep my day job and keep submitting

One day I will be way up and higher then you, and trust I will have some words for you too

I’m practicing my speech now “Thank you God. And I thank you, haters for teaching me how to praise my way through.”