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My Delight

Published January 20, 2013 by vfAith

Dear Heavenly Holy One,

You are present and ever with me.  You are my Lord.  You are great.  You are miraculous.  You are worthy. You are in touch. You are my keeper.  You are indescribable.  You are faithful.  You are all knowing.  You are God.  You are my God.  You are giving.  You give me the desires of my heart.  You are all-knowing.  You take away anything that hinders me from a righteous relationship with You.  You are righteous.  Your name is high. You are all I need.  I used to think “When I have a boyfriend then my life will be fun and complete.” Last night You showed me and told me, “In Me, you, my little one, are complete and will have fun.”  You complete me. You are blessed.  You have grace and mercy. You are love, hope, and faith.  You are love.  You are a refuge.  You are my shield.  You are my redeemer.  You are my light.  You are the light that illuminates in the darkness.  You are glorious.  You are good.  You are holy. You are wise. You are powerful. You are strong. You are my joy. You are my comfort. You make me content in all things. You are so big. You are mighty.  You are my sun.  You bring growth in my life. You are my coach.  You are my God.


up Scale

Published January 4, 2013 by vfAith

Dear Holy One,

The other day I had a bad attitude towards my parents.  Yet when I apologized about it they both made excuses for me and my behavior.  A day later I had an attitude against my mom (one I thought was justified) and she got really upset because I hurt her feelings.  After a conversation with You about the matter, I understood that I have to have a standard in You.  You tell us in Colossians 1:10 “so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God (added part by me)> make God your standard.”

When I compare myself to other people, I look good!! I look real good.  But compared to Jesus, well all fall short to the glory of God.  If I want more of You and I want to be like You, I have to use You as my bases of living.  You are showing me that I need to up scale my life to look more like Yours.  When I look to compare myself to other people, I am also judging them.  You don’t call us to judge, You call us to love.  So I need to look higher and humble myself lower.  I can do this.  It maybe hard and a whole new battlefield, but in You and with You I can do this.  And it’ll be worth it because You will see me and others will see the true You living inside of me.

God’s encouragement based off Romans 12:16

One way to be sure of your progress is by taking on any task.  And while doing that task ,worship Me in spirit and in truth.  Don’t think anything is too small to fulfill, or a task is beneath you.  Look at all I had to endure. Even before my ministry, I was a carpenter.  Yet still I choose to use a poor girl to come into this world.  Everything is noted in my eyes.  I use the foolish things to shame the wise.  So take every task on with a praise in your mouth and a worship in your heart.  Remember I love a cheerful giver!