Not age but Confidence

Published December 7, 2012 by vfAith

Hey God,

To You our age, sex, or race doesn’t matter, yet it does.  You want us to not focus on ourselves. “I’m too young (old)” or “I’m to black (white, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, Philippine) to be accepted in that area.”  or “I’m a woman (man).”  God, You made us that way purposefully.

Which brings me to my second point, to You it does matter.  You designed us all in Your image.  After the fall we hid our beauty because it made us vulnerable.  However, if we want to be used by You we have to be, for though our weaknesses, faults, or humanness when can show others You.  As Paul said “when I am weak that is when He is strong, let me then boast all the more in my weakness” (2 Corinthians 11:30, 12:9-10). Lord, You want to use every part of us as a testimony to Your glory.

In order to be a witness for You God, You require a humble spirit, a willing heart, and a strong desire to do Your will.  You do not, Oh God, want pride, arrogance, or greed.  Then we would be right back at the beginning, focusing on our own selves.

Help us now Lord.  Give us the right ingredients to live a life fully devoted and completely undivided for Your name sake.


Your Loved Friend

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