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More of You

Published November 28, 2012 by vfAith


You came,

Now we ask You to come,

Come into our worship,

Open our hearts to accept You

We call You expectly

Yet we still need You to prepare us for You

Open our hearts, minds, spirits, and souls

For when You come we want to recognize Your beauty

When You come we will be greedy and needy and want more of You

Never will we be satisfied, it is not a thing that we want

It’s You we want

So come,



Enjoy our desire for more of You

Outside of You, when we “have” to leave to live

Let us remember You

Your presence

Your power

Your love


Then let us hunger again

But for more of You as we live (so that we don’t want to leave)

as we work, as we learn, as we interact

Give us the desire to want You to meet us in every aspect of our lives

In this way we will be favored with Your presence at work

In this way we will be blessed with powerful and lasting learn experiences

In this way we will be sacrificial and loving in all interactions

This will make us different from everyone else, it’ll make us like our God


Then we can live as a testimony to You

Then others will want You

Then the want for more of You will start again

Again we will be reminded of how You came

We will again ask You to come,

Lord, Jesus! come


in the way

Published November 20, 2012 by vfAith

Dear God of All Creation,

Question: Can you let me in on Your plan for my life?  I am living it in part, but God I want to live it in whole now.  Or would you rather me live in faith and continue to know and be grateful for everything I have?  I don’t think I am asking for more (well maybe I am because the thing a person says they are not doing is usually the thing they are doing).  OK, God help me to be content and grateful for all that You give me each and every day.  Help me to see Your love more clearly so I can give love more definitely and freely.  But there is one thing that I desire more of and it’s You. Just like David.  Give me the desire to desire more of You and the plan to seek You out.  This is a lifetime plan; however, I know  that more of You and less of me will help me to live in this present life. Living in this present life will help me be more content that I am in Your will even now.

I love You.  Thanks for listening.