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Be Me 7×77

Published October 10, 2012 by vfAith

Like Erykah Badu, Lord I am petrified.   She was scared to walk down the street naked, but she did. She walked the earth as You intended for us to be, before the fall.  She was vulnerable.  There was no one there to meet her.  She did it for her.  Because after she died, you see her again evolved.  Still naked. Yet covered.  But smiling and no longer ashamed.  I am petrified to take off the layers and be me.

Only one person can love me like You do Lord!  And that’s me.  Not the boyfriend, car, friends, jobs, clothes, money, shoes, house, dog, parents, family and not anything that it seems that everybody else has to make them happy because it is not me.

I am dance, song, love, silly, intelligent, compassionate, friend, helper, encouraging, understanding, dependable, strong, persevering, patient, peace, kind, caring, smiling, grateful, giving, an only child, sweet, sexy, athletic, run, jump, skip, hop, thrills, cook, fashion…my fashion, student, achieve, power, change, intimate, interpersonal, intrapersonal, listen, talk, reflect, God’s daughter, friend, rare, spacey, talk to myself, deep with / in with God, teacher, great, laugh, grow, touch, kiss, hug, spirit, from God’s kingdom, comfortable, visual, auditory, warrior, cheerleader, excited, energetic, enthusiastic, extra, sensitive, complete, imperfectly perfect, hope, a different view point, faith, tease, flirty, true, desirable, faithful, sleep, alert, rest, positive, not if but when, getting my blessings, blue/purple/green, dependent (I need you), and  I am Vaniah Faith Cunningham.