What color do you like

Published July 27, 2012 by vfAith

Dear Father God,

When I was younger, I remember asking my Daddy what was his favorite color.  He exclaimed it to be blue and red.  From that day on I fell in love with the color blue!  It was because he liked it that I, his daughter, loved it.

Lord, what is Your favorite color?  I want to be Your daughter and love what You like.  I want to look up to You in Your power and might, so that I can be just like You.  Every word that comes from Your mouth, I want to trust to be true and rely it to others.  The way You walk, I want to emulate it so that it becomes my own.  Show me from Your example how to greet and treat others.

Many times and in different circumstances You have told me to keep straight, while someone close to me says make a left.  And during those times I have made a left, which only led to a dead end.  Then I turn around and head back on the straight and narrow just like You said.  Well, Lord I want to eliminate that mistake of letting other’s rule over Your word.  From my best friends, to my parents, let me realize the dire importance of saying yes to You.  Father God let me also understand my yes to You does not mean no to them. Even if it does, let me be confident in saying yes and trusting You.

At every dead end Father God, You have met me with grace, mercy, and patience.  Thank You for conveying those attributes of You. Now at this beginning Sovereign Ruler, please give me strength, discipline, and perseverance as You had while You showed Your love for me through the journey to the cross. (HALLELUJAH, Your rose with victory!)

Hey Daddy, which fruit is the sweetest tasting to You?  Can I try some? 🙂


Your Love and Friend

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