The Original Plan

Published June 8, 2012 by vfAith

There was a man in India who stood on a rock.  From that rock, he attracted a crowd by singing familiar children songs.  He wanted, he needed the people’s attention because inside of him was a fire shut up in his bones.

He had to tell the people about another Man.  Because, that Man changed his life.  The Indian man probably looked crazy to the people around him.  Nevertheless they listened.  Nevertheless he had to attain and maintain their attention. He had to do it.

His example led me to do it.  Plus, being a kid at heart leads me to all types of adventures.  Nah, I didn’t stand on a rock.  There aren’t even an rocks in the parking lot near the supermarket around the corner and down the highway a  ways from my house.  Yet I was high enough to be visible to all.  Someone (from out of state) took a video of me in my car . . . well out of my car . . . both outside of yet in my car.  Ummm, let me explain.  I was standing on the arm rest between the driver’s and passenger’s seats with my waist and above sticking out of my sunroof like a thumbs up!  In that position, I sang like the Indian man (except I have a female voice with an American accent and only know American songs).  I waved to people and sang.  I received a compliment and was told to keep on singing; so I sang.

Why did I do it? Why did he do it?  We sang because of the other Man’s testimony.   If one person out of the people within hearing distance could hear and be changed by that Man’s testimony, then we have had a successful journey.  All of  the people just need to know that a Man named Jesus bled, died, rose again, and will one day come back to reclaim the kingdom that is already His;  so you, yes you, can live out the original plan which was to hang with God in a garden to sing His praise (or maybe to just do everything with a worship-filled heart).  The thing is you have to give your heart. For in giving your heart you will find a freedom to sing for the Man 🙂

It just makes me smile (the original plan).

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