Worth It

Published May 25, 2012 by vfAith

Dear Father,

Today I was over the top ubber tired.  I just wanted to sleep all day.  However, I have the wonderful responsibility of taking care of Gusto.

This morning You told me to not take my morning nap but to take care of Gusto. I didn’t listen.  Then you told me to walk Gusto and say hi to my neighbor later on.  I didn’t listen. By the time I was ready to walk Gusto, it was pouring rain!! I tried to walk him anyway and he looked at me and led me back to the house.  He was saying “I’m not pooing in this weather.”  The second I dried off Gusto, it was no longer raining.  Lord you knew I was so tired.  I just went to sleep.  When I woke up an hour and a half later.  Gusto and I went for a dry walk/run.  It was spectacular.

Later in the evening, I didn’t want to go out to pick up dinner. You and mommy prompted me so I went.  Once there I asked the server for a strawberry molt.  He gave it to me saying “We don’t have to let them know about that!”  Lord I am glad I listened to You that time I received a free, FREE! molted shake! What in this world is free?  Well with Your favor everything.

Thank You Dear!  You taught me that following You is always the better of the choices, haha


Your Love and Friend

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