In Hand

Published May 1, 2012 by vfAith

It’s interesting the questions that went between God and Moses and who asked what.  Moses asked God who He was.  God’s answer turned Moses’ heart; he was never the same.  Moses’ question was not just answered in that moment.  Moses had a lifetime of understanding the reality of God’s response.  Even so Moses, being a human didn’t fully get it.  For when God said He was going to provide meat enough for that generation to eat for a month.  Moses was like “um, God You’re big and all, I remember You parting the sea and even giving us water from a rock, I can recall the times when You plagued the Egyptians just to show Your power; however, there are a lot of people here, they eat three meals a day, and they continue to multiply over and over; You can’t do what You said; logically it doesn’t work.”  For the lack of faith Moses was not able to see the promise land in the time of his peers.  Actually none of his peers (his generation) were able to see the promise land.

Now God’s question to Moses was “What’s in your hand?” God knew what was in his hand.  Moses knew what was in his hand.  Yet Moses never realized that simple thing that he used, that thing of comfort, that thing of assurance, that thing that was like taking another breath, would be the same thing that God would use.  When God used Moses for His glory that thing that was in his hand, sticks turned into snakes, water turned into blood, seas were departed, life was both given and taken away.  Yet Moses understood that it wasn’t what was in his hand but it was the hand that was on him that created these miracles and blessings. If it were what was in his hand, then he would have had these miracles and blessings all along.

By the way, there is something in your hand, too.

2 comments on “In Hand

  • Thank you so much for sending me this link, I feel so blessed by reading your blog. May God bless you and your Family!

    • It is an honor to know that you are blessed by the inner workings of my relationship with God. Hopefully my blog encourages you to dig a little deeper in your own relationship with God. God bless, and keep reading, please 🙂

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