Family Talks

Published April 20, 2012 by vfAith

Dear Jesus,

Today was the first day in six that my family was able to have a family meal.  We talked, planned, and were together.

Jesus, family means more to me than I realized before.  In family is a connection, which cannot be found anywhere else.  Even though I am an only child, I feel from my parents an ever flowing and overflowing love.  Not one more sibling or another household member could ever give me the love that I receive here and now.  When I was younger I always wanted a sibling.  Yet God in Your infinite wisdom, You made me the one and only to my mother and father.  You also included a stepmother and stepfather who found a special spot in their hearts to still call me daughter.  Even though my biological father has passed, and my stepmother had to separate from me because I reminded her of him, my stepfather (who I now call dad) and my mother have kept me in one precious piece and in Your perfect peace.

The real privilege was in our personal time.  First I talked with my dad.  We walked Gusto and enjoyed the cool spring dusk.  The neighborhood was quiet with many families eating inside.  Out neighbor was celebrating his birthday with family and friends (he is 29 again [probably times two but i don’t have to know the details). We went over to give our appreciation for him in our lives. My dad’s views on my workplace situation were levelheaded, dynamic, and refreshingly different from my mother’s and mine.

My mother and I are the planners.  We talked about church events, promotions, trips, and activities that would bring people together.  My administrative ideas are a true example of the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”  (Lord I just realized there is an alliteration in that cliche.)

All in all thank You Lord of Hosts, for this unit called family.


Your Loved Friend

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