In the End You will be Wise

Published April 13, 2012 by vfAith

Dear Heavenly Father,

This week was full of advice. It started with You advising me to take heed through verse 20 of chapter 19 in Proverbs.  “Listen to advice and accept instruction and in the end you will be wise.”

At work, I have been having a difficult time relating to my co-workers.  When I was a host, we (the servers and myself) were around each other for only minutes at a time because we had our different positions respectively.  As a server, however, I am with the other servers for, well, my whole shift.  The difficult part, Lord, is that our common ground is null and void.  Smoking, drinking, having sex, playing video games, and making vulgar comments are not activities that I’m involved in.  People talk about what they know and experience.  When we don’t know and experience the same things there isn’t much to talk about.

So God, my feelings about the other servers and our disconnection leaked out through my attitude toward them.  The exact problem was that I had a bad attitude toward them.  I thought myself better than them because I didn’t live like them (yet I was secretly jealous because they all lived like that giving them a connection; honestly I felt left out but instead of letting that pain hurt me, I let my proud cover the truth; thus, I looked down on them).  Many servers then started to say in different ways “I like you better as a host.”

God, You had to use someone unexpected and do something out of the ordinary in order for me to be my ordinary self.  He did.

On Tuesday, my friend Eliam* gave me a pep talk, with the bottom line being don’t judge them but continue to be who you are.  This was someone unexpected because I am usually the one giving him encouraging words.

Yesterday (April 11, 2012, Wednesday) the out of the ordinary happened when I lost my book, which holds my money and receipts.  I looked for about 10-15 minutes for it.  I went places I didn’t go throughout the night.  I asked certain people if they saw it.  All I could do was give up and go home.  Right then my co-worker said “Are you not going to ask me if I found your book?”  I looked at his apron pocket and there it was right behind his book!  I hugged him in the middle of the restaurant (which you are not supposed to do) I squealed, I got loud and I had a whole mood change.  He told me to check the money to see if anything was taken, because he wasn’t sure how long it was in the spot he found it.  There wasn’t a dollar missing!!!!!  Lord the best part was when he told me “I did that to humble you.  Because you lost your humility when you became a server, you need to stop caring for people.”  In other words don’t take things so seriously.  He also advised me to keep my money in my pocket, if I am the kind of person who would leave things around.  This way if that happens again someone else had nothing to take from me.  God through You and that experience, the disconnect was broken because I was humbled and realized that our connection is in the fact that we are human!

Thank you for this lesson and I will say glory to You name.



*I changed his name because I think that’s proper

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