Wills, Wills

Published April 5, 2012 by vfAith

Dear Heavenly Father,

Today, I read about Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane (I still can’t pronounce that word: geth-sim-ma-nee). Jesus was obedient.  Yet, in the garden He was real with You.  He cried, prayed, and asked You to make it so He would not have to suffer.  He asked You three times.  He stayed awake in agony before You while His disciples slept.  He came to You while Judas was coming to get Him.  Since He came to You first (as Solomon said “Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct you path), You Father were able to give Him confidence in the hope that He was going to be victorious at the end of this path.

Yesterday, I got into a pickle at work.  I gave the wrong check to one of my guest.  The check that they were supposed to have was for a greater amount than the check that I gave them.  They paid for the check I presented them.  I went to close the check on the computer and realized my mistake.  The Holy Spirit was nudging me to print the right check.  I didn’t.  I saw they were still there.  The Holy Spirit encouraged me to get my manager to reopen the check and give it to them.  I didn’t.  That night I lost $20 in tips because I didn’t do the what the Holy Spirit was telling me.  I didn’t do what He was telling me because I thought that I had it under control.  Even more honest, Lord, I was scared that the guest would be upset that they had to pay more and not pay their actual bill anyway.

Lord, my point is can You help me surrender my control to You.  I need Your help to be more like Jesus and be honest with You, but at the end of it all say let Your will be done.  I know that my example was small compared to Your actions Jesus, however if I can say “Yes!” to the small things, I know You will be able to trust me with the bigger things.  It’s important for me to understand that I don’t have to live this life by my own strength.  For real though, my strength leads to the short end of the stick (I came home with $8).

Thank you God for showing me Your mercy in teaching me this lesson.  I feel like Jesus would have said to me like He said to the disciples when they cried out for help while the storm was raging around them  “Oh, yea of little faith.”  My King, please turn my faith into the size of a mustard seed.

You are so ever holy Lord and I will always praise Your name. Hallelujah! Come on again trial, I am ready to give God control!



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